Mineral Products Survey


In a world of fluctuating markets and increasing challenging conditions, buyers and sellers involved in the minerals trade need to make sure that the quantity and quality of their cargo are properly monitored and preserved.


In addition to verifying that the condition of the carrier (vessel, truck and rail) is appropriate, IPO offers complete cargo inspections before, during and after shipment. Reliable and independent weight, quantity and quality inspections ensure the contractual compliance of your shipments.


Our inspectors record, photograph and report any abnormalities such as discrepancies in the cargo description, damage, loss of material, improper stowing or delays in loading. Our objective verification and inspection team provide accurate, transparent documentation and always represent your interests during the handling of your bulk cargo by being in full time attendance at every operational stage, ensuring you receive a constant and direct flow of information.

Our services provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, so you can focus on maximizing your business profitability.


Our standardized cargo and vessel inspections include the following services:  

  • Inspection of the carrier to verify suitability for the intended cargo (cleanliness, dryness, ventilation, cargo separation)
  • Report on markings, type of packing (bulk, cartons/drums, etc.) and, if practical, a count of goods
  • Sampling according to globally recognized standards
  • Maintenance of a time log, including arrival and departure dates of carrier, time and date of loading, loading delays and reason for delays, description of loading gear/apparatus, weather conditions, rainfall, dust suppression, wind-waste, remainder on wharf, etc.
  • Loading and discharge supervision, focused on protecting the safety, integrity and quality of your goods throughout the supply chain
  • Analysis of mineral samples in your favor or most reputable domestic or foreign labs
  • P&I survey

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