What is Damage and Repair survey ?

are occasional surveys which are, in general, outside the programme of periodical hull surveys and are requested as a result of hull damage or other defects. It is the responsibility of the owner or owner’s representative to inform the Classification Society concerned when such damage or defect could impair the structural capability or watertight integrity of the hull.

should be inspected and assessed by the Society’s surveyors and the relevant repairs, if needed, are to be performed. In certain cases, depending on the extent, type and location of the damage, permanent repairs may be deferred to coincide with the planned periodical survey.

in association with wastage over the allowable limits (including buckling, grooving, detachment or fracture), or extensive areas of wastage over the allowable limits, which affects or, in the opinion of the surveyor, will affect the vessel’s structural watertight or weather tight integrity, is to be promptly and thoroughly repaired.

Areas to be considered to are to include: Side shell frames, their end attachments and adjacent shell plating, deck structure and deck plating, watertight bulkheads, and hatch covers and coaming.
In cases of repairs intended to be carried out by riding crew during voyage, the complete procedure of the repair, including all necessary surveys, is to be submitted to and agreed upon by the Classification Society reasonably in advance.
For locations of survey where adequate repair facilities are not available, consideration may be given to allow the vessel to proceed directly to a repair facility. This may require discharging the cargo and/or temporary repairs for the intended voyage. A suitable condition of class will be imposed when temporary measures are accepted.

Damage Surveys

Damage Surveys

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